What the Somatic and Trauma Fields are Missing

In the somatic, trauma and nervous system regulation field, practitioners are taught that fight, flight and freeze are the three fundamental, hardwired human stress responses. Fight and flight are sympathetic and movement-oriented, self-protective motor programs designed to do things and get us…

How Dropping Beliefs Has Connected Me More

For many years, I was obsessed with spirituality, and for many years, I was a devoted Buddhist in a Mahayana tradition. This path taught and grew me tremendously, but it was also fully entangled with a belief I had that there was something…

Support in Switching Gears

This is an empowerment note for those stuck in low-to-medium chronic distress.

A nervous system-based boop in a new direction… for the fridge-riding, doom-scrolling, cannabis-smoking, drinking a bit extra-ing, tv-binging, over-exercising, drama-seeking, workaholic, stressing lot of us.

In the OI model, we think of the nervous system as adversely impacted…

How to Get Going, for Chronic Freezers

Momentum is defined as “the quantity of motion of a moving body.”

Ugh! It’s that whole, “in order to feel better you need to exercise, but in order to will yourself to exercise, you need to feel better” scenario. If you aren’t familiar…

What is the freeze response, and how might we relate to it and ourselves during the highly stressful experience of global pandemic

Just a note: “Somatic” means “of the body”, and in this case refers broadly to study, practice and guidance towards embodiment, trauma resolution, nervous system resiliency, and trauma-safe…

Maggie Truelove, SEP

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Coach in trauma-safe mindfulness, Organic Intelligence. Feminism, healing, creativity. www.maggietruelove.com

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