How to Get Going, for Chronic Freezers

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash
  • Freeze modulates intensity and provides a respite from energies that are toooo much.
  • It is possible, even for folks experiencing deep and long term freeze, to gain access to enjoyable movement, given supportive conditions.
  • This can happen in the context of small, tolerable experiences that take place in PLAY, experimentation, and pleasure.
  • Just because you resist productivity or exercise doesn’t mean you are doing life wrong, are a bad person, or lack some intrinsic quality necessary for happiness.
  • Getting the legit, sustained rest you need
  • Any kind of creative activity
  • Chores you don’t hate, tidying
  • Self-Compassion practice
  • Dressing in your nice/uplifted clothes, or an outfit that makes you feel “like yourself”
  • Inspirational podcasts
  • Nature walks or wanderings
  • Doing something positive for yourself or someone else that you’re a little nervous about
  • Daydreaming about beauty

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Coach in trauma-safe mindfulness, Organic Intelligence. Feminism, healing, creativity.

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